Moxibustion is a very practical and commonly used therapy which is initiated from daily necessity of early mankind. Historical resources agree that Moxa was originated as a therapy in Mongolia, one of the coldest places, to heal the body health conditions caused by cold weather. The moxa, also known as Mongolian moxa, uses hot application made of hot quality dried medicinal plants boiled in oil.

Mongolian moxaMoxa is a treatment method to apply hot applications to show heat effect combining with different substances on certain points of the body surface. The principle of the treatment effect is to stimulate the local nerves, increase the local blood circulation, enhance digestion heat, improve the body resistance, equilibrate body heat, intensify blood and wind circulation and balance body elements. Depending on the disease’s condition, location and the patient’s situation, different types and sizes of moxas are used for a different length and time. The therapy is divided as medicinal plant moxa, oil moxa, wooden moxa, precious metal moxa and moxa combined with acupuncture.


  • In total 115 point areas are used to treat health conditions such as:
  • Cold disorders caused by phlegm and wind
  • wind disorders
  • some bile disorders
  • damp coldness
  • oedema
  • some neurological conditions
  • kidney function
  • headaches
  • arthritis
  • rheumatism
  • misbalanced emotional conditions
  • improve sensory organ functions
  • digestion problems