Individual health consultation

Most of the oriental medicines have their own specific heritage to prevent from diseases regarding to human body constitutional type and lifestyle.

In Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Mongolian traditional medicine humans are differentiated in 7 constitution types. Body constitutional type and physiological function are connected very tightly and it has been agreed from the ancient time medicine.

According to the principle all cosmic and natural forces are classified within the triad of elements. Thus the three elements are the foundation of our existence, and they are found in each one of us in varying amounts. Variation in their dominance leads to each person having their own unique traits. This affects our statures, physique, whether we easily lose or gain weight, our digestion strength, the shape of our eyes, hands and other features, which organs are strong and which will be weak or problematic, emotions, what indications are likely to be observed when we are unbalanced, and which of the poisons will need to be primarily addressed in our mental development and daily physical care to promote wellness and spiritual development.

With our consultation we will determine your body constitutional type or which of the element is dominant in your constitution type.  Knowing that you will learn how to build your healthy lifestyle (by the certain combination of diet, habit, exercise etc.) regarding to your unique body type that will support you to effectively aim and improve your life force towards happiness of healthy existence.