Hormones are signaling chemicals produced by endocrine glands which directly enter the bloodstream and travel to targeted organs to perform their own specific actions. From birth through maturity to aging, everyone lives under hormonal regulations which is a physiological process. However, hormonal imbalance can occur from an unbalanced actions and unhealthy lifestyle.

Many women have unknowingly been estrogen dominant for years which is linked to unbalanced lifestyle, chronic stress, diet, pollution, toxins and using pseudo hormones.

Some of the common symptoms of hormonal imbalances in women are: irregular or absent periods, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, depression, hair loss or unusual hair growth, infertility, fatigue and loss of energy. To treat these conditions we offer muscle testing, acupressure massage or acupuncture for these problems.

The hormones will be balanced by an appropriate treatment and most symptoms will recede.