First consultation including treatment (up to 60 minutes): £60

Subsequent treatments for energy balancing (up to 45 minutes): £50

Subsequent treatments for acupuncture and cupping/moxa (up to 45 minutes): £40

Consultation and treatment for smoking and alcohol addiction: £80 and subsequent treatment £60

If you are unable to attend, please give 24 hours’ notice, to elude experiencing a cancellation fee


Book and pay for 4 treatments for acupuncture after your initial consultation: £140

(equivalent to £35 per treatment)

For bundle offer, the fee must be paid up front, however if the treatment is withdrawn, the remaining treatments cost will be refunded.

Refer a friend

Already a patient? Refer a friend & benefit

If your friends come due to your referral, you will receive £10 discount off your next treatment and your friend will be discounted £10 for their first visit as well.

You will enjoy receiving the discount continuously whatever times you refer.